Eyes speak volumes

Research shows we read emotions in each others’ eyes – that’s the power of eye language. But common symptoms of Chronic Dry Eye disease like red, itchy, burning eyes may be sending the wrong message, one you don’t intend.

What do these eyes say to you?

Make sure your eyes say what you really mean. That’s EyepowermentSM.

The power of eye language

In our online survey* of over a thousand people, we asked what the role of the eyes was in communication. The response was decisive; it’s clear the eyes have a huge impact.
*Online survey of 1,019 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and over, with a margin of error of +/- 3.1%. Survey conducted by Kelton Global for Allergan, April 2017.

Get the facts on Chronic Dry Eye

Red, watery, itchy eyes, all symptoms of Chronic Dry Eye disease, can change the message your eyes are sending. Learn more about this common, treatable condition that affects over 33 million people so you can have an informed discussion with your doctor.
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